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7 Things You Should Bring on Your Next Hiking Trip





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The 7 items every hiker should bring on a hike. You’re welcome!

It would be best if you packed day hiking essentials to be safe and comfortable on the trail. Here is a simple list of items to bring on average day hikes instead of lists from popular websites. Hikers should always carry essentials when hiking, no matter the experience level.

  1. If you want to be comfortable on your hike, get a good hiking backpack. A JanSport backpack will work for shorter walks, but if you’re going to go on longer ones and be comfortable while doing so, it’s best to get a more robust hiking backpack. A day pack is a backpack with an inside pocket or sleeve for a hydration pack and additional features such as hip belt, sternum strap, and torso size.
  2. To be comfortable and safe while hiking, wear layers. Wearing the right layers of clothing is important for comfort on a day hike. A person should wear a sweat-wicking and breathable shirt on warm summer days, as well as an additional mid-weight layer when it is colder. Pack at least one fleece jacket for mid-layers if you expect it to be chilly, or your hike will take longer than expected. The outer layers should include a lightweight raincoat, hat, and gloves if necessary. To prevent ankle injuries while hiking, wear shoes that are appropriate for the terrain.
  3. While hiking, to protect your skin, bring sunscreen that is at least 30 UPF and won’t come off when you sweat. Even in the snow, you’ll need protection is; a day of hiking essential because the sun reflects off snow and sends strong rays back at you.
  4. There are many useful apps for finding trails and ways to navigate. Having a map and compass is important, even if you have a GPS app. Bringing a paper map is important for navigating in case your battery-operated GPS dies. Maybe consider a power bank if you’re relying on your phone, especially in the winter.
  5. Bringing extra water is a day of hiking essential to help your body stay hydrated and feel good. Lots of daypacks have a space for a hydration reservoir that is used to stay hydrated.
  6. If you’re hiking a long distance, bring snacks that are nutritious and won’t squish. It’s important to always have enough food on hand and extra in case of emergencies.
  7. You should always have a first aid kit on you, even when just walking around your neighborhood. A first aid kit can be customized to the individual and have items in it that may be needed if someone gets injured.

The important thing to remember when hiking is that you never know what might happen. You could trip and fall or get lost in a storm with no map. It’s best not to be unprepared! A person should always carry essentials such as water, snacks, a first aid kit, and an emergency blanket on all hikes regardless of length. If going for a day hike, here is our list of essential items to bring: 1) Hiking shoes; 2) Snacks (granola bar); 3) Water bottle; 4) Map; 5) First-Aid Kit (bandages & ointment). We hope this short guide was helpful!


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