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Classic Camping Ideas for Adults




Classic Camping Ideas for Adults

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Adults can have just as much fun camping as kids by trying different activities. Many fun camping activities for adults don’t involve cell phone service.

Key Camping Ideas for Adults’ Take-Aways

• Fun camping activities for adults that don’t involve electronics

• Keep entertained and have fun without worrying about a phone signal

• Try out new games that will keep you intrigued and engaged

• Activities that are perfect for any group size

Camping Games for Adults

Truth or dare is a game that has been around for centuries and began as a way for leaders to test the truthfulness of their subjects. Beware of the consequences when playing truth or dare, as they can range from mildly embarrassing to ruining the night. Or if that game is too much of a risk, you have twenty questions. In this camping activity, one person thinks of an object, and the others ask yes or no questions to figure out what it is. It is customary to ask if the object is a person, a place, or a thing.

Would you Rather…Camping Edition

Another game is called telephone. A telephone is a game where people whisper a message to their neighbor, and the last person yells out the message they heard. If there are not enough people, you can try. Would you rather it is a game where players have to choose between two difficult choices.

How to Have Fun Without Tech When You Go Camping

All these games without tech push us back to a time with no cell or text messages, and we are face to face talking to one another; what a relief. In a world where we are all constantly connected to each other through our phones, it is easy for a conversation with someone else in person or on Skype just not to happen.

The time before cellphones existed was much simpler, and people got along better because there were no distractions like social media platforms which create petty arguments between friends when one friend posts something inflammatory online only minutes after another finishes talking about their day. These types of interactions never happened face-to-face! It’s so refreshing going back into an unknown environment without feeling as though you need constant validation from others by checking your phone every five seconds.

So put down your cell phones and get some face-to-face time at camp!


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