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Commonsense Minivan Camping Ideas




Minivan Camping Ideas

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For anyone who has ever looked at their minivan and thought, “This could be so much more,” have we got the article for you! Introducing… minivan camping! That’s right, with a little bit of creativity (and not much else), your minivan can become the ultimate camping vehicle. Forget about those fancy RVs – all you need is a minivan! Minivan Camping is a great way to save money and enjoy the outdoors.

Key Minivan Camping Ideas Take-Aways

  • Save money – camp in your minivan instead of buying an RV
  • Camp in comfort and style – your minivan will be like a little home away from home
  • Get outside and enjoy nature without spending a fortune

Here are some minivan camping tips to get you started:

The Best Mattress for Camping

The best mattress for camping is determined by comfort levels. The foam camping mat is a good choice for solo campers, as it is easy to roll up and get out of the way. Inflatable mattresses are available in various sizes and can be inflated to different firmness levels. You will need a sleeping bag, sheets, and a comforter for a cozy at-home feel when camping.

Mini Van Privacy Curtain Ideas for Camping

Covering your windows while camping is best to keep privacy and the light out. There are several ways to create a privacy curtain for your car when camping. You can either search for premade versions or make your own cling-on vinyl for car camping trips. Use a bungee cord and a black sheet to create a privacy curtain between the front seats and the cab area.

How to Cook Outdoors without a Fire

You need a portable stove for cooking when there is no fire. For minivan camping, it is important to pack this stove away, so it is out of the way when not in use. Bring a small kettle, frying pan, and other cooking utensils to camp.

These are just the 3 most basic items to start minivan camping. There will also be food, storage, toilet, and bugs.

Using your vehicle is such a great way to try camping


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