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Van Camping with Pets




Van Camping with Pet

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Camping in a van with pets is doable, and the dogs have the best life. You can bring your pet dog or cat along for the van life ride. Campgrounds might require vaccination records, so have them on your phone or in the van. Bring a dog bed, yoga mat, blanket, or foam pad to make your pup more comfortable during long drives.

It is important to keep dog food stocked because they can’t digest switching their diet. You should choose food that is available everywhere so you can find it quickly on the road. The routine of feeding a dog should be kept consistent with keeping them on schedule.

Find dog-friendly places and activities by planning your itinerary around where dogs are allowed. Take breaks from driving to exercise your dog when you are traveling long distances. Dispersed campsites are better for camping with pets because they allow dogs to run freely.

Putting a light on your dog’s collar will make it easier to keep track of them at night. You should always have a long leash that is illuminated for nighttime if you are staying in an established campground. If your dog sleeps in the same bed with you, make sure to pick a comforter that is easy to clean. Dogs are messy creatures, so be prepared to clean up after them.

Key Takeaways
• Camping and pets go together naturally
• Your dog is getting an adventure too
• Keep the routine consistent for your pup
• Make sure to take their vaccinations before you hit the road
• Keep a stock of dog food at all times or else disaster might happen
• Dogs need routine when it comes to feeding. Plan ahead for this by choosing food that is easy to find

Van camping is a great option for those who want to see the country but don’t have their own van or are living off-grid and need something mobile. The best part? You can bring your pet dog or cat along with you! There are some things to keep in mind when picking out a van if you plan on taking your pets with you, though.

Make sure there’s enough room for them inside (for both humans and animals), that it gets good gas mileage, so they’re not too heavy on fuel costs, and that it comes equipped with amenities like air conditioning, Bluetooth speakers, GPS navigation system and more. One of the most important considerations before hitting the road is whether or not campgrounds will allow pets.

There are no leash laws at dispersed campsites, which allows us to relax while Charlie roams around and plays fetch.

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